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Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

If your existing electrical panel is full of circuit breakers, then it may be time to upgrade to a bigger panel. If your electrical panel still using fuses, then it may be time to upgrade to a bigger panel. If you are adding an addition or doing a major remodel, then you should also considering updating the electrical service to adequately service the new areas of your home.

There are a few options that your electrician or electrical contractor can advise you on. If your line from the street service is big enough to handle the additional amperage then you can just upgrade your panel to a bigger one or add a sub panel. If a new line needs to be run then you will need the assistance of the local electric company to disconnect the line and add a new bigger line.

Sometimes an electrician can add a sub panel off the existing panel rather than replacing the whole panel. This can save you some money on materials and labor. Most new homes are built with 200 amp service while some bigger homes might have 2 200 amp panel providing 400 amps of service for the home.

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